A Real Live-Fire Experience!!!

About Us:

African Shooting Adventures is a Training Academy which offers fun and SAFE courses on the following:

  • Safe Handling of a Firearm
  • Confidence around a Firearm
  • Interactive Shooting courses
  • Company "Team" Shooting courses
  • Competitive Courses
  • Tactical Courses
  • Competency Courses required for Firearm Applicants

African Shooting Adventures is run from a Shooting Range in South Africa, Cape Town. The Range is conveniently located roughly 10km from the Cape Town International Airport and 30km from the CBD.

At African Shooting Adventures we offer a once-in-a-life time shooting experience - our clients/students are offered the opportunity to fire unique and rare firearms such as:

  • .45 Norinco Pistols
  • .22 BRNO Rifles
  • .38Sp Taurus Revolvers
  • 12Gauge PROTECTA Shotguns
  • 9mmP Star Pistols
  • 9mmP Beretta Pistols
  • .22Lr Krico Rifles
  • 7,65 Walther PPK (Aka "James Bond's" Gun)
  • 9mmP CZ85
  • .44Magnum Revolvers
  • 12Gauge Winchester Shotguns
  • .22 Pistols
  • The FAMOUS Desert Eagle Pistol
  • .357Magnum Taurus Revolvers
  • The infamous AK47 7,62x39 Kalashnikov
  • 9mmP UZI Defender Hand Carbine
  • And more on request...

All our FTA Officers are accredited and registered ITA (International Training Academy) Instructors.

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For more information as well as customized courses at ASA please feel free to contact us.